Celebration Cakes

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All our celebration cakes are freshly baked on our premises. We use our Chinese sponge cake recipe which is lower in fat and sugar. Cakes are decorated with sweetened cream, fruit and chocolate. All our cakes are individually made to your requirements. Come and speak to our baker for your unique celebration cake!

Small Celebration Cake (up to 8 people) – £20

Medium Celebration Cake (up to 14 people) – £29

Large Celebration Cake (up to 21 people) – £39

Larger sizes are available, and multi-tier cakes for weddings

Did you know?  You can order your celebration cake gluten-free!



All our cupcakes are freshly made with our Chinese sponge cake, which is lower in fat and sugar. Cupcakes are decorated with sweetened cream, fruits and a selection of decorations. Choose your colour and theme! Please order in advance when ordering twelve cupcakes or more.

4 Cupcakes – £5

12 Cupcakes – £15

24 Cupcakes – £28

Did you know? Cupcake stands are free to hire! (Deposit only, which you get back when returning the stand)